Prefabricated modular construction

RCM Group designs and manufactures comfortable, high-quality, and durable modular buildings in a short time frame.

Why opt for a modular solution?

Each week, thanks to our factory equipped with the latest technology, we build the equivalent of 16,000 square feet of living space, or approximately 15 modules. The assembly and woodworking done in our factory is protected from the elements and saves money and time on the construction site.

Shorter construction period, additional rental income

No contingencies related to weather and labor as in traditional construction

Superior insulation and soundproofing

A quality product according to your expectations

Modular construction that corresponds to your ideas.

RCM Group does more than just build housing modules. Our team is made up of professionals for all stages of a construction project: designers, engineers, carpenters, cabinetmakers, etc. That way, we can take an integrated approach to each project entrusted to us to provide you with a construction that meets your specifications, standards, and individual needs.

We developed expertise in modular building construction in several real estate sectors, as the multi-residential and commercial sectors, and in the prefabrication of camps in remote areas.

  • Hotels and accommodation housing
  • Retirement homes
  • Apartments and condominiums
  • Educational institutions (classrooms and schools)
  • Student housing
  • Hospitals and medical centers
  • Modular offices
  • Workforce housing and camps

Hotels and accommodation housing

Holiday Inn Express Hotel

Big names in the hotel industry such as IHG (Holiday Inn) and Marriott are choosing modular construction for their new hotels. Why? Because visually, the architecture of a modular structure is similar to that of a traditional building, and as a bonus, the reduced construction time allows you to start getting a return on your investment sooner.


Apartments and condominiums

Water Club Luxury Living

With a modern or traditional architectural style, the modular construction of housing and condos has nothing to envy to the traditional construction in terms of design and appearance. Your ideas combined with the expertise of our team will result in a project that will impress your clients.


Workforce housing and camps

Rio Tinto dormitory

The quality of RCM’s modular buildings is recognized by some of Canada’s most influential companies in their field such as Rio Tinto, Agnico Eagle, Suncor, Osisko and Stornoway Diamonds.


Buying a modular solution

RCM Group designs and manufactures comfortable, high-quality, and durable modular buildings in a short time frame. Take full advantage of the modular construction benefits by purchasing prefabricated modules built in a controlled factory environment, with faster deadlines and cost certainty.

  • Financing facility
  • Custom building
  • Quality
Buy your Modular building.

Building rental

With its expertise in modular construction of all types, RCM Group can build the prefabricated building that meets your needs and that you can rent rather than buy. Also, with our vast inventory, we can provide you with a building that meets your needs rapidly.

  • A rapid solution
  • Large inventory
  • Superior and recognized quality buildings
Rent your modular building